Our Manifesto

We are passionate about hospitality.

We believe in creating sustained value for our stakeholders through innovative, creative and expert consultancy.

Hospitality is more than an industry or business for us.

It is what we are and what we believe in.

Our ethos is defined by our commitment to creating ‘happy experiences' - which enrich lives through exceptional moments of joy and togetherness.

We respect nature, value the gift of life, strive to promote harmony in all things and commit ourselves to make the world a better place to live in.

We regard every venture and every initiative that we work on with utmost gratitude.

Because we believe that life is a gift and a celebration.

And nothing beats the experience of those ‘cherished moments' shared with loved ones in an ambience that soothes the soul and touches all senses.


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I would like to thank the HMG team services team not only for the level of acumen and proficiency they demonstrated while engaging with us in every step of our project but for the level of commitment they embedded in every milestone that highly contributed to the future success of the operation of the Exclusive Night Club at Doubletree Marjan Island.

As I have always stated to you that if we can get the first one right and role this out to make it a high success we will be able to model many other night clubs in this way. What I have seen so far is very encouraging and I hope that we can build on this going forward.

Andrew Joyce
Director of Restaurant Development
Hilton Middle East, Africa & Turkey